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  • Contract Assets and Liabilities ASC Topic 606 for the Construction

    Content Where the Term Retention Originated From of Retention Money The Basics of Retainage How Software Helps With Retainage Contract Assets and Liabilities Within the Scope of ASC Topic 606 for the Construction Industry How a Construction Retention Payment Affects Ongoing Projects In Accounting, What Exactly Is the Benefit of Using Retention? Companies can record […]

  • Gross Profit vs Net Profit Definition, Formula, & Key Differences

    Content Operating Profit, Gross Profit, and Net Income Calculating Gross Income Gross Pay vs Net Pay: What’s the Difference and How to Calculate Both Gross Revenue vs. Net Revenue: An Explainer Avoid misleading figures This is also sometimes known as your base salary, and excludes any short or long-term incentives or benefits. Net pay is […]

  • Bookkeeper Professional Certificate Community and Professional Education

    Content Become a Bookkeeper (LinkedIn Learning) Bookkeeping Training Program BEGINNER | Business | Self-paced | 19 hours Payroll Mastery Certificate – KSU Center U.S. Career Institute School Benefits Becoming a Certified Bookkeeper When you enroll in our self-paced Bookkeeping program, you choose how much you study each week. If you want to learn to become […]

  • Georgia Contractor CE Online Course: Accounting, Taxes and Insurance

    Content Certificate ACA & W-2 Services Learning is better with your colleagues Construction Accounting (CPE Course) Construction Financial Management 101 with Steven J. Peterson There may be less of the system they need to learn up front. However, if they want to set up job costing for the first time, begin using time and material […]

  • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

    Contents: Playing To Win (as) busy as a bee Other functions of BLF Word Length WORDS RELATED TO BUSY Verb To make somebody busy, to keep busy with, to occupy, to make occupied. Transitive verb To make or keep busy; to employ; to engage or keep engaged; to occupy. She is busy reading blog posts, […]

  • Incorporation of the Bill of Rights into the 14th Amendment

    Content What Is Selective Incorporation? Documents of Freedom Background information on Selective Incorporation When can the police stop and frisk you on the street? Amendment VII What are articles of incorporation? 2.2.docx – What is the difference between total and… Notwithstanding its early recognition as an allowable item of deduction in determining value, depreciation continued […]